Packing up …

My sewing room has become too small! I had two choices: move house, or move room! Well I took the second. It’s taken me a month to pack up my fabric into plastic bins and move them into the guest room, we need to break a wall down between two rooms to create a bigger sewing room. I think this will take another month!

I’m not a happy crafter!



I’m still here ….

 Made a baby quilt ….

 Knitted a linin stitch scarf …

Traveled to New York …

Became a Granny/Ouma (old mother) …

Help with hanging the Raiko Kato quilt in the baby room …

Junior fast a sleep in one of Ouma’s knitted blankets …

Had a big birthday …

Cleaning up my work room …

Now I’m working on a new project …

Hope all is well with you all?



Loving the knitting …

I have really been enjoying knitting blankies this year. I love mindless knitting, no increase or decrease counting, just good plain old knitting. Great for long trips by car, plane and of course in front of the television.

My latest addition is a knitted using garter stitch. Knitting two rows in one colour then change to another colour for two rows change and adding till all the yarn was finished. I then finished the border off  by knitting an I-Cord.

The yarn is a local yarn that I bought from Colour Spun it’s a blend of merino, mohair and mulberry silk.

I do like the colours of this blankie! I think that will be end of my blankie knitting. I think thats enough for my stash!

Love the knitting!


3 weddings and a funeral 

Looking back its been a month since I last posted! As a result of this, my post tells what I have been doing for the last 30 days!. All that has happened is as follows –

I really enjoyed my first wedding as this one I did not attend as a guest, but as a worker. I mainly helped in the kitchen making sure all the courses went out on time and were looking good.

The second wedding I was a guest, but sadly did not make it, as I had a bad cold, but I did send my niece in my place. Good thing I didn’t go they look a bit cold!

The third and final wedding was a traditional Indian Hindu wedding and this was a first for me.

On the Saturday evening of the third wedding I got word that my husbands father had suffered a stroke and heart attack, we were able to see and talk to him before he had another stroke and heart attack. He then went into a coma and died peacefully in his sleep. He was 85.

“Oupa” (Granddad) you are sorely missed!

Very little crafting, I’ll share with you some good news next week and some knitting.



I better get cracking!

At this time of the year I am always in a mad rush get my craft entries ready for the local Show. I was not very productive this last year, so not too many entries, here they are –

Knitted shawl, knitted with various balls of baby sock wool.

Knitted knee rug, knitted with a off white mohair blend wool.

Crochet knee rug, crocheted with various colours of Rowan wool.

Crocheted baby blanket, crocheted with a bamboo/cotton blend yarn.

Round robin quilt, this I will enter as a group quilt.

I hope to enter my Raiko Kato quilt, this still has two blocks that need to be hand quilted and the binding put on.

The articles need to be in by Thursday. No pressure.

I’d better get cracking!

Happy crafting .