I better get cracking!

At this time of the year I am always in a mad rush get my craft entries ready for the local Show. I was not very productive this last year, so not too many entries, here they are –

Knitted shawl, knitted with various balls of baby sock wool.

Knitted knee rug, knitted with a off white mohair blend wool.

Crochet knee rug, crocheted with various colours of Rowan wool.

Crocheted baby blanket, crocheted with a bamboo/cotton blend yarn.

Round robin quilt, this I will enter as a group quilt.

I hope to enter my Raiko Kato quilt, this still has two blocks that need to be hand quilted and the binding put on.

The articles need to be in by Thursday. No pressure.

I’d better get cracking!

Happy crafting .



16 thoughts on “I better get cracking!

  1. LOL, I need to crack the whip over here! I started to purchase the Raiko Kato quilt pattern but figured that I could use the pattern in the Quiltmania. We have been doing some changing and remodeling in the house – that has taken so much of my time. Starting today I am starting to work on my small churn dash and Alexander Bean blocks.

    Poor Dear Jane – she is yelling at me…..cannot get there yet.

    I like all of your entries. Especially the Raiko Koto quilt – so pretty. and of course your knitting and crocheting….. Jealousy over here for the knitting. Someday….

    Good luck on your entries.

    • Sounds like our lives are pretty similar even though we live a whole ocean apart! Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • It’s a blanket that fit over your knees, nice for watch TV, take to meeting or for and granny or grandpa. It’s an adult baby blanket.

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