Loving the knitting …

I have really been enjoying knitting blankies this year. I love mindless knitting, no increase or decrease counting, just good plain old knitting. Great for long trips by car, plane and of course in front of the television.

My latest addition is a knitted using garter stitch. Knitting two rows in one colour then change to another colour for two rows change and adding till all the yarn was finished. I then finished the border off  by knitting an I-Cord.

The yarn is a local yarn that I bought from Colour Spun it’s a blend of merino, mohair and mulberry silk.

I do like the colours of this blankie! I think that will be end of my blankie knitting. I think thats enough for my stash!

Love the knitting!


13 thoughts on “Loving the knitting …

  1. Oh they are so pretty, and I agree, mindless just straight knitting is so fun. I love the rhythm of it, and even a simple pattern is ok for that sort of thing, it keeps me from getting too bored with it. I also adore that blanket. Such pretty bears!!

  2. Fabulous colours in that yarn. I do agree, a little mindless handwork can be very restful and undemanding. My mother used to make knitted patchwork blankets from squares and rectangles knitted up from the yarn leftovers she had from making us jumpers. She’d assemble them into smallish blankets and join them with black crochet. We still have them, 30+ years on…

  3. Here in South Texas we are burning up at 100+ each day, so knitting is not on the plate for a few more months. I like your projects and your knitting is just perfect! Hopefully we will have a winter this year and cold enough for me to want to finish a scarf that I have been working on for awhile…..

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