More babies!

Everyone is having babies again! Remember this post 18 months ago. Well, all these mommies are having their second babies as this will give them their 2 year gap. So my trusted favourite is to crochet borders onto flannel blankets. As my flannel stash is now finished, I went off to the shop and bought a bunch of receiving blankets and crocheted borders on to them. At present I have managed to finish 5 blankets as we are welcoming 5 new little ones.


If you would like to know how I did it and what yarns I used just clip on “All wrapped up!”

Happy crocheting

Love NikkiM

19 thoughts on “More babies!

  1. They look lovely! This is perfect timing for me because I will be working on baby blankets this week. Did you double the fabric or just used a single layer? My flannels are not double-sided so I was wondering if I should use two layers.

  2. Those edgings are so pretty. I never thought of doing something like that. I just bought some flannel. I think I know what my next ambitious project with be. Thanks for the idea.

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