Good Memories

I found one of my late mothers Patons knitting pattern books, needless to say it’s in pieces. It was good to knit something from one of her patterns and see her little notes in the margin. Good memories. The pattern I chose was a sleeveless slipover with a cable panel in the front that runs up next to the v neckline. This is for little Matthew, my little Godson, that is turning 2 this winter. Remember I live in the Southern Hemisphere.

I used a local South African yarn called African Expressions – Harmony colour 2057, 100% merino wool, it’s really soft.   Using a size 6(4.00mm) and 9(5,50mm), KnitPro interchangeable needles with cables, ranging from size 4(3.50mm) – 11(8.00mm), that I bought myself a while ago.

Inside the pack you get 4 cable keys, I didn’t know that this is what they are used for and I was using them as stitch markers, until a friend of mine said “Nikki those are to tighten the cables to the needles!” she must have heard me cursing that the needles kept dropping off the cable while I was knitting. “Oh” I replied, red faced, “Thanks!”. It will help if I read the instructions next time, but I’m very glad I have such clever friends, so next time I will just ask.

The knitting bug has bitten me big time, but I have been quilting and crocheting on the side. I must say Dear Jane has been neglected, by the looks of it, it’s going to take me another 5 years to finish her.

Happy crafting



12 thoughts on “Good Memories

  1. I love seeing margin notes in my mother’s writing – in my case, it’s in her old cookery book. She wrote recipes on any scrap of paper she could find, and tucked them into this big red bound notebook. Some of the recipes I’m still using today… But she was a demon knitter, and I haven’t inherited her skill with knitting needles!

  2. Beautiful work. I wonder if your Mother ever thought you would be looking at her pattern notes years later. I wonder if my children will ? How nice you have a hobby that trancended the generations. And a pattern that does to..

  3. That is adorable. So neat to see your mother’s notes in the pattern. I think the knitting bug nibbles away at time some days but it is fun to give in and do it.

  4. Cable key? New to me too, and no clue how you would tighten stitch with them. I’m the opposite of you at the moment: quilting dominates, knitting patiently standing by.

  5. Looks like your doing a great job and how wonderful to be using your Mum’s pattern it makes it all the more special.
    The colour is really nice. Keep up the good work.

  6. I have a set of Knitpro needles. They were expensive but oh-so worth it. The little keys make all the difference, although I cannot figure out why they allow me to tighten everything so much more effectively!

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