All wrapped up!

Well this week I got all wrapped up in crocheting borders onto receiving blankets. The babies are coming soon!

I went through my stash and found 3 pieces of flannel fabric totaling 5m of fabric. I then cut off the selvages and straightened up the edges, to make 5 blankets.

I decided to edge each blanket by mitering each corner, as this would get rid of any bulk in the corners. I then topstitched the seams with a wide straight stitch using my topstitch foot, before I crocheted the border edge around each blanket.
I then went through my yarn stash to find some suitable colours to use to crochet around each blanket. I found some Rowan, handknit cotton and my absolute favorite yarn Sirdar Snuggly baby bamboo, both brands are double knit.

Using a 1.5mm crocheting hook, (this hook makes it easier to crochet through the flannel) I formed a base by crocheting a slipstitch over the seam, crocheting them close to each other around each blanket. I then went over to a 4mm crocheting hook and crocheted a decorative stitch onto two of the blankets edges, one is a scalloped edge and the other a diagonal stitch. I have not decided if I would leave the other three with just the slipstitch base or crotchet a pretty border stitch around each of them. Only time will tell.

Well this week was a great week for using up my stash.

Happy stitching till next week.


82 thoughts on “All wrapped up!

  1. Such a cute idea, Nikki. I think I’ll have to try that sometime to help reduce my overflowing yarn stash!

  2. Gosh, these are lovely – what a clever idea. Now please excuse my ignorance (well, I am a Brit) but is flannel what we would call terry towelling (or just towelling), only I have some towelling I could use for this but don’t know if it would work?

    • The nice thing about crocheting borders on to receiving blankets. It’s instant gratification! You can do one in about 2 evenings, I’m not a fast crocheter!

  3. Aha! A small pokey crochet hook to start with. I like how that would work for finer fabrics. When I tried adding a border like this to a really bulky blanket, I had to blanket stitch the base round with a needle. A hook just would not go through.

  4. Those are really beautiful, lovely colours! I tried a similar project a while ago but it was complete disaster due to using the wrong kind of yarn and frankly, a pretty ugly flannel, but you have inspired me to try again 🙂

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! You’re so crafty…love it! Esp. the tea kettle covers…too cute. xoxo B.

  6. Please forgive my ignorance, but does the crochet hook actually go through the flannel or did you have to lay a base of a blanket stitch for it to hook onto? I can’t wait to try this! So pretty.

    • Hi Paula
      The crochet hook I used was a lace hook (US 8)it smaller and has a sharper point and goes through the flannel like butter.
      Hope this helps.

  7. Gorgeous, I’m sure the babies will love them … and hopefully sleep peacefully wrapped up in them. What a lovely gift to give!

    • The yellow one went to a little baby girl that was born on Saturday.
      Thanks for your kind words and visiting my buzy day blog.

  8. Thanks for the like on my new blog! And lovely baby blankets! I love Sirdar yarn, its hard to get where I live – and I never thought of crocheting a border onto flannel. So cute!

  9. First I would like to thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my blog and second, what a beautiful blog you have here. I know I will enjoy reading your post. Wonderful work.

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  11. I have crocheted and knitted full blankets, but never thought to just edge. It would be a lot faster and more reasonable to give friends who have babies. I reserved the time consuming blankets for direct family and my own boys.

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