Hot off the needle!

Do you all remember the post “Blanket Wave or is it Baby Wave!”, posted on February 1, 2013? Well, I was horrified that it was that long ago! In that post I made the following statement “So prepare yourself, the next few months it is just going to be baby, baby!” Well that day has arrived! Both these babies are due in a month’s time! Yes one month’s time and Aunty Nikki has only finished crocheting one blanket!

Oh Yes! I have left it to the last minute. Again!

I had a baby Shower on Saturday! What to do! I had 4 options, crochet, knit, quilt or buy something. Too late to crochet something, not good at knitting so I went for the last 2. I made a Winnie the Pooh quilt and bought a Pooh bear, that’s the theme she has chosen for the baby room.

I started the quilt on Thursday afternoon and finished sewing on the binding @ 10am at my Saturday breakfast spot to take to the baby shower @ 2pm that afternoon!

Quick Tip:

When I machine appliqué with a buttonhole stitch, to avoid starting and stopping, I will switch over to a straight stitch and “travel” from that point to the next point, with a straight stitch, remember to move your needle to the right most position using the edge of your foot as a gauge, sewing next to the raw edge of the appliqué, to the next position, view photographs above. Then switch over to the buttonhole stitch. Most modern sewing machines do remember the previous setting, if not, remember to write your buttonhole stitch setting down and to set the machine up before your next appliqué.

Check out the hand embroidered label. It took me longer to embroider the label than it took me to make the quilt! I love hand embroidered items.

This quilt is literally hot off the needle!

Lots of Love

23 thoughts on “Hot off the needle!

  1. I love this! Handmade with love:) I may be a bit bias as I love Winnie the Pooh. But still, gorgeous quilt!

  2. Absolutely adorable. I have been searching days for a Pooh applique pattern. Is this one that you can share? Does blanket stitch hold up for washings. I want to do the blanket stitch, but read it might fray. Would love your input. Thank you, Jacky

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