About 3 months ago Emma from Cotton Happy Days pricked my interest with her ‘Saturday Sharing’ on her post about the Three Centuries of Red and White Quilt Exhibition in New York, also known as the Infinity Variety Exhibition, to read more about the post, follow the link to Emma’s post of that day.

In her post she asked the question “Does that ring bells for anyone?”  Well it does for me!

At the beginning of 2012 my friend Lesley asked if I would like to join in the making of a quilt, it was called Just Take 2.  This is the brain child of Gay from Sentimental Stitches and Barbara from Dear Jane, inspired by the Three Centuries of Red and White Quilt Exhibition in New York.

So all you had to do is choose two colours of fabric, it could be any two colours, and every month you would download the pattern for that months blocks either from Gay or Barbara’s site,  each block pattern was inspired from block patterns from the quilts in the display.

Lesley and I went off shopping for the fabric, in total you would need 14 m of fabric, 7m for the background and 6m for the main colour.  Everything went well for the first month, I downloaded and made the blocks.  Then everything fell apart and no more blocks were made until the beginning of 2013, the only thing I did do every month was download every months blocks.  Well, a year later I decided that this quilt had to be finished as I had purchased all this fabric to make this quilt!

This is where my “task” began, in total the quilt is made up of 100 blocks varying from 3” to 12” in size, hand and machine appliqué, paper pieces, rotary cutting etc, etc, etc!  I don’t want to talk about the time, its better that it’s a forgotten memory! The top is pieced together and it is 84” x 102” in size.

Not finished yet! I’m quilting it at the moment! This is another thing I don’t want to talk about!

Till my “task” is finished! Hopefully next week!



22 thoughts on “Task!

  1. Wow the quilt is going to be amazing. A real family heirloom. I hope you finish it but it might help to pace yourself and do a few smaller projects in between sewing. This may help to keep your interest in finishing it.

  2. My grandmother was a quilter. She used to sew most of it by hand. I have tried to learn, but always end up in tears. I immediately have fallen in love with your blog! I look forward to reading more, and who knows, maybe you will inspire me!

  3. Wow! That is a lot of work you have done, I can’t wait to see the finished product. I don’t quilt yet, but it is on my ‘someday’ craft list.

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