If you are looking for me on a Saturday morning, this is where you will find me, having breakfast @ my favorite place, La Popote @ Sue Tarr Summerhouse, in Hilton on the Midlands Meander. The food and cake @ the restaurant is the best! Open from 8:30 for Breakfast/tea/lunch, kitchen closes 4pm weekdays, 3pm weekends, CLOSED Monday.

Hope you having a good weekend?




8 thoughts on “Breakfast!

  1. What a lovely place to have breakfast! I think if I lived where you do I’d have breakfast there every chance I got. Beautiful and cozy. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting my Buzy Day! I sure if you live here on the most south east side of Africa we would meet at this spot!. Hehe

      • One never knows where our travels will take us! 😉 Don’t be surprised if you meet me one day….

  2. I am Jealous with a very large capital J! I absolutely adore that part of the world and if I could buy a house it would probably be here. I live in the UK and I am desperately trying to find somewhere like this to go and enjoy time with my quilting bees. Sigh! Enjoy a cup of coffee and cake for me please.

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