I lost my little buddy!

Not much crafting going on, other than a little bit of knitting. I will share this with you on a later date.

I lost the youngest of my three little Jack Russels. I noticed when I we came back from the States, Max (9 years old), was looking a bit thin, I kept an eye on him and this last week I noticed his tummy looked a bit bloated, but he still walked around and sat with me, he still ate his cooked supper and all the snacks that were on offer.

On Friday I decided to take him to the Vet first thing in the morning. She gave him three injections an antibiotic, pain killer and something for colic and told me to change his diet and just keep and eye on him. I took him home and noticed he was not happy, he was just lying outside vomiting, I kept bringing him inside but he kept going out and just lay on the lawn. By 3pm I could see he was not doing well and took him back.

The Vet kept him at the surgery on a drip, at 5:30pm she phoned to say he is really not looking well, she was worried and we decided to operate to have a look. She phoned back 10min later to say that he had cancer on his liver and it had spread all over and had ruptured and that she could not do anything for him and that it would be better to have him “put down”!

He will be greatly missed! He was my little buddy he followed me all around the house. He was no great quilter or crochet and his knitting sucked, but he loved keeping me company.

I was not ready to give him up!

Happy crafting!

89 thoughts on “I lost my little buddy!

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your little dog. I lost a Rat Terrier, ‘Dottie’ a very long time ago to cancer. Two surgeries to remove so many lumps….when they came back I decided to let nature take it’s course. I love animals so much, I still think of Dottie often. I know only too well how your feeling. Hugs, Sandy

  2. I am soooooo very sorry for your loss. If you are like me, then your beloved buddy was family. I lost my first Old English Sheepdog at cancer at the age of 7 and it was devastating. I do remember my Vet telling me “dogs do not fear death, but they fear pain” and so we have to console ourselves in knowing that we are able to keep them from experiencing the pain. You will always remember him fondly.

  3. I’m SO sorry for your loss, our fur babies are part of our family. I lost my beautiful collie last year, he was 9 years old. within 10 days of finding out he had Lymphoma (cancer)
    its very sad, I know how much it hurts.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your loss – Max. he is now in ‘doggy heaven’ and will always be with you in spirit. No doubt you have man,many memories of your faithful friend. R,I.P. Max (my Spotty dog passed away earlier in the year and I have her ashes in a scatter tube, sitting on the chest of drawers, with her special ‘things’ around)

  5. Nikki, I am so sorry for your loss. Some people say they are just an animal, but, they are much more than that they are part of your family they are faithful and loyal to the last and there only demand on your life is that you love them back. They leave a little hole in your life that takes time to heal, but, they are always missed. They always live on in your memories. god bless you xx

  6. So very sorry to hear of the loss of a loved family member. Thkughts, hugs and prayers so that yoir heart will mend and positve happy memories will take over and fill your heart.

  7. Pets: they bring so much joy to our lives and break our hearts when they go. I am so sorry.
    I have a photo of our dog on the pillow on the bed in the same pose. She likes my husband’s pillow because it stinks better.

  8. i’m so sorry. losing our little friends is the hardest thing to go through. i hope you take comfort in remembering his special life and all the special moments you had with him. that joy stays in our hearts forever.

  9. So sorry, I lost my Artemus last year from something very similar, so I know how devastating it is to lose one of your babies so suddenly. My heart goes out to you.

  10. I’m very sorry for your loss. Dogs are people too, and it’s hard to lose them. He looked to you for food, shelter, companionship and love, and at the last, an end to pain, and you gave him all those things. You’re going to miss him, but it looks like you have some great photos to remember him by.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that. We had a black Labrador who started to seem a bit not himself one day. Less than two days later we had lost him to cancer of the liver, too. The vet had opened him up to see what the problem was because they weren’t certain and they said it had spread to the spleen and they wouldn’t be able to do anything to help so they let him slip away under the anaesthetic.
    I really feel for you. I know how heartbreaking it is. 😦

  12. You have a strong and supportive community here to help you through the grief of your sweet fuzzy family member. We all seem to get that the lose is real and the grief deep, After losing mine 3 years ago, I haven’t been willing to get another dog. Maybe one day. We miss them every day. Hugs to you.

  13. Truly sorry, Nikki, to read this. As a fellow dog owner, I know full-well the pain that you’re feeling and hope that you find some comfort when reading so many comments of support.

  14. So sad and I know you would gladly be tripping over him as it sounds as if he was your shadow. Our dogs are so much part of the family, so dog owners sympathise with your loss. Anne

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