What was I thinking?!

I started knitting a scarf.
I bought the most expensive yarn ever! It wasn’t the most expensive in the shop but it certainly was the most expensive I have ever bought! It happened on my recent trip to New York. Let me explain.

I just made my husband walk 20 blocks (if you ask him he will tell you it was 40), and those who know New York, know that 20 blocks = 1 mile (1.6km), to a yarn shop called String on East 33rd Street. I have been to this shop before and knew that it’s a small little shop on the first floor. As we arrived outside the shop I spotted this little coffee shop and I told my husband he should have a coffee while I go upstairs to the yarn shop. I could see on his face he was not happy with this plan.

Once I was upstairs and in the shop I asked the shop assistant to show me the cashmere yarns. I asked how much for a ball, her reply was not good, $50 for a 50g ball! As I wanted to knit a scarf and needed 6 balls, I quickly explained that this was far too expensive for me!

Now here comes the expensive purchase, I have just made my husband walk 20 blocks to a yarn shop and told him that he could not come up to the yarn shop (I didn’t really say that but that what he heard when I told him to have a coffee!) So now you understand I can’t walk out of this shop with no purchase! So I asked for a cheaper option, this ended up being a yarn called “Duchess” by Trendsetter Yarns, 6 balls of 50g at $25 a ball! Well, my thinking was, “My husband is already upset with me, if I come out with no purchase he is going to be more upset”. So this is easy, just buy some yarn!

I just finished knitting the scarf, after knitting a few test patterns, I decided on a fisherman’s rib pattern, casting on 50 stitches on size 10 (6mm) circular needles, the scarf ended up being 11” (28cm) x 63” (1.6m). No left overs!

Happy crafting till next week!

31 thoughts on “What was I thinking?!

  1. 🙂 I hope that scarf will be for your poor husband! Or maybe some socks would have been better, his feet might still be hurting from this trip.
    I am however very impressed that he was disappointed that he was not “allowed” to come to the yarn shop. Mine would be pleased if he could have a drink instead and stare at the latest football results instead.

  2. Mine said, I’ll wait outside. When I found him he was staring at a clock and said, You were 15 minutes. In that time I had given another customer some advice about knitting a hat, while the assistant was in the store room looking for more and bought some yarn. My friends at craft group said I should have left him in a coffee shop! Sue

  3. I enjoyed your post so much! What a delightful person you are and what a wonderful husband too! Yarn shopping! Lol! You have a lot of projects going like I do!! Your home and stories about growing up were enchanting! Your a very good writer…and I look forward to reading more! Sandy

  4. Just love that Fisherman’s rib, although I have never heard about it before. You know what my husband would have said? Woman – if you want the cashmere, buy the cashmere. Compared to the plane tickets it’s cheap 😀

  5. Ah, the siren call of yarn. I have heard that song many times. If it only ended badly now and again, I could stop l listening. But all the times it’s worked out just feed me to keep doing it.

  6. Beautiful yarn, and I have been where you have and later it is funny, but NOT when it is happening. I guess I am lucky – hubby and I cannot do wool! LOL. Continue on with your beautiful work. Looking forward to the next project. Next time come to Texas and teach me how to knit…………

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