What have I done?

28 thoughts on “What have I done?

  1. I love it that both you and Granny Maud’s Girl are making the Dear Jane quilt, and are both going to hand quilt it. Fun to watch! Do make sure we see how you get on with Dear Jane; such a lot of work, and only a tiny glimpse…

  2. Love the socks, finally knitting the second one of a pair as a Christmas present, usually only do one second socks are hard to motivate… An odd sock fashion needed

  3. Good for you, Nikki. Is that a Heritage frame you have? I have that too and it’s the best. I’m so jealous of all the work you get done, it’s all beautiful so I hope the recipients of any of it are very appreciative.

  4. OK Nikki – I am hoping to start catching up with you……Slowly, but surely……New goals for 2015 are on my heels… Pretty socks – wish you lived closer so I could perfect making socks. Looks like you are handquilting your Dear Jane. Did you make the entire quilt..Brave One aren’t you. Nice work –

  5. Hello Nikki, you have been very buzy – and all you made look so beautiful. I’m planning to start a Dear Jane Quilt in 2015… but as a sewing/quilting-beginner I’m still a bit afraid of it! So I love to look on other’s who did it!
    Love your sock-wool – wonderful colour combination. Kind regards, Annett

  6. Busy Busy Bee! You put many of us to shame – I know I have many more projects in my head than in actuality. Reading this makes me want to stop what I am doing and get crafting!

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