Using up my stash!

Well I seem to be on a knitting spree! Last week I posted about the 2 little “Pink Foot” cardigans I knitted! This week I finished knitting a little blue hoody for a “Little Man”!

I found the pattern in “The Ultimate book of Baby Knits” by Debbie Bliss the pattern is on pg 68 and she calls it a “Duffel coat”. As I live on the back side of the world, you cannot buy Debbie Bliss yarn in this country and I didn’t have the time to wait 10 weeks for it to be delivered from overseas so I just dove into my own stash and found a Sirdar Denim Sport Aran shade 0502.

I had to knit up a tension swatch to check the gauge of the yarn I had to the pattern, as the pattern called for a DK! After doing all of this I decided the best way was to cast on for a size 6-9 months and knit the measurements as for 9-12 months using 4mm needles! Hopefully it will fit a 10 month old baby!

The pattern was easy to read and understand as I am not a very good knitter I still have to look up to see what a garter stitch and stocking stitch is!

I started knitting something for myself! Hope to show you soon!


34 thoughts on “Using up my stash!

  1. Like you I often change the yarn by changing the size I knit – it mostly works! I have a Marian Foale jacket I made in 4 ply – the pattern was for DK. It is one of my favourite items. Show us more soon!

  2. It looks great and like something that will get a lot of use.
    You had the yarn in stash?! I only have leftover half balls and a mountain of ‘to-do’ sock yarn in my stash, but I am about to dive into a huge knitted project.

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