Pink foots!

I have been knitting little pink foots cardigans!

First I knitted a pink cardigan for my 6 year old niece, to wear when she goes to ballet, it has long sleeves and a short body. I found this lovely free pattern from Lions Brand Yarn, Picked Color 3/4 sleeve Cardigan. I used Sidar Ella, Summer Luxe Cotton blend DK, shade 0003. It has a little silver fleck in it! Love it!

The next one is for a little 9 month old “pink foot”, she has just started walking! I used anther free pattern,  this one is from Knitty a design called Helena. I knitted  it up using Sidar Snuggly double knitting.

Right now I’m buzy knitting a hoody for a 8 month old little man!

I better get back to my knitting!


40 thoughts on “Pink foots!

  1. What a beautiful job!!! Such a treasure. I hope recipients keep them forever and maybe some day pass them back to you. I had that happen with a couple of sweaters I made for my son and it’s truly wonderful to see them and feel them again.

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