All done!

I finished quilting and binding my friendship braid quilt that I started in this post!

After piecing the braid, appliquéing the flowers and embroidering the flowers and the butterflies, I sewed all of it together to form the top of the quilt! This is, to me, the easy part, now comes the sandwiching of the three layers so that I can start quilting it!

Quilting to me is always a problem! I do all of my quilting on my domestic machine. I normally start by stitching in the ditch then I plan a few free motion designs then some stippling of some kind!

Well this one was no different! After pinning the quilt and choosing the kind and colour of thread that I would be using, the quilting starts! I start with the easy quilting, this is the stitch in the ditch and I using my walking foot to stitch along the long straight seam lines.

Then I move over to the free motion quilting. I have been following a blog called In Box Jaunt written by Lori Kennedy and she has the most amazing free motion quilting tutorials and I used the fabulous flower tutorial as a quilt design for the braid.

Now I “free motion” outline, the appliqué design, and quilt a free motion design in the negative space! Big job is done! Square it off, bind and make a label, lately I have enjoyed making nice labels and I really like this one. It has a braid as border and some hand embroidery.

All done!

Now I want to finish my Dear Jane quilt that I started 5 years ago! Maybe a little Dutch quilt on the side!

Happy quilting!

98 thoughts on “All done!

  1. Nikki,your work leaves me with no appropriate words of praise!You make me feel in the right way to sit behind the sewing machine and make something….don’t know what…just keep my machine working and learn! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 The bedcover is amazing and so sweet!What a thoughtful work you’ve done!I’m moved! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thanks for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog! I normal try and do a little bit of free motion quilting especially around the border.
      Quilting is addictive!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment!
      Yes free motion quilting is difficult, it like driving a manual car! The speed of your foot control must be at the same speed as your hand movement!

  2. Such artistic craft-womanship! This quilt is absolutely amazing and the TLC that obviously went into it shows. I must ask. Do you keep your quilts, give them as gifts, sell them, or any combination thereof? They’re just stunning. And thank you for this post. Simply amazing.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment!
      I don’t sell my quilt! I do give them away as gifts! But it has to stay with me for about a year before it goes! But mostly I use them in my house!
      I just love home made thing! I think it’s a great way of showing love, when my family and friend use them!

  3. That is such pretty quilt and the reverse looks just as good. I am a novice when it comes to quilting so really appreciate seeing free machine work and the effort it takes to get it to look like this!

  4. It’s gorgeous and the quilting beautiful. Because I only have a domestic machine, the actual quilting is me less favorite part of the process….one day I will own a LA, one day 😉

  5. Such beautiful work; I’m sure many people would pay good money for such a masterpiece! Can’t wait to see your next project!

  6. I love your work. Eventually I will quilt. I have made one good size quilt with the help of a friend and gifted that to my oldest daughter. I hope someday to make one for each member of the family.

  7. Wow, super creative. I saw once a “quilt” made out of horse show ribbons that a person had won over the years. Have you ever seen/made something like that? (I can’t sew worth a darn)

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! I have seen a quilt made out of prize winning ribbons! Sadly I haven’t made one myself, because I haven’t won any ribbons!

  8. Your quilting is stunning. I can’t believe you can do that on your domestic machine. I’m on my second quilt and am trying some quilting other than ‘in the ditch’ and wow, it is hard to jam all that bulk under the machine. Your quilt is equally beautiful on the back and front…

    • You to kind! Thank you! Keep practicing and read and do course as much as you can regards machine quilting! Try them all and keep the methods that work for you! Knowledge is power! Good luck!

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