Cuddle up and stay warm

Well what can I say about this week! Two things I learned this week! The first thing:- don’t quilt a quilt, when you have a massive head cold, it leads to unnecessary unpicking and massive frustration and the second don’t cough or sneeze with a full bladder, well that leads toooo……………………!

As you have discovered from my intro. Yes I have a cold! It hit me hard! So not much crafting happing in this buzy day. So I gave in and decided to cuddle up and stay warm. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and sat and crocheted in front of the TV, munching on some homemade crunchies! The family was not to happy as the sound was on full blast, hearing not to good the ears are blocked!

Here is my recipe for homemade hot chocolate

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Place the following 4 ingredients in a food processor for about a minute or two.
500g coffee creamer
300g caster sugar
500g chocolate chips
100g cocoa
Scoop 3 or 4 heaped teaspoons of the mixture into a cup, fill half way with boiling water, stir well, top with hot frothy milk.


Oh yes! As you would have gathered nothing happening with “The Plan”!

Maybe next week!


20 thoughts on “Cuddle up and stay warm

  1. Hope your head cold is clearing up, nothing worse than being all blocked up. There are times when you just have to give in and spoil yourself with nice treats. Still lovely images at the top of the blog

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