More babies …

This is the quilt I made for the baby shower I went to last Saturday. Due to modern medicine we know it’s a boy and his booked date for arrival is the 8th of April. That’s if he doesn’t decide to change the date!

It was quite a thing because the mommy works for my husband and he works from home, so the patch working and quilting had to happen “after hours”. Every day I had to get rid of / hide the evidence.

The pattern was inspired by a pattern I purchased on line from Cotton Way by Bonnie Olaveson called “Smooth Sailing”. The original quilt size is 83” x 91”, far too big for what I wanted.

So I changed it and only made two of the boat blocks for the bottom adding 4” (4½” cut) blocks in between and for the border and creating an appliqué name block at the top, using blue/grey/red fabrics to suit the sailing theme, I used the leftover to make the backing, used a 100% cotton batting, did an overall quilting of little sail boats with the sea and sky, making the finished size 46” x 58”.

Next week I will share with you the quilt I quilted as a “cover” while the baby quilt was been made…

Happy crafting.


19 thoughts on “More babies …

  1. i love that you made a second quilt just to hide the first one haha lucky little guy. it’s a beautiful quilt!

  2. I love the simple, quiet colors you used on this quilt Nikki, the patterns are so timeless and I love the little red blocks, the churn dash and friendship block in the sails. Lovely!

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