Roll on Spring!

Life on this side of the world has been rolling along! I can feel spring is on the way and my summer frocks and sandals are starting to call! Hope the winter has not been too cold for my summer wear and they have not shrunken a little bit! Hehe!

This week I managed to knit little I first saw this pattern in Funky Air Bear, a blog I follow, she used Marianna’s All-in-One Sleeveless Tops for young girls pattern. I used African Expressions – Harmony, 100% Merino Wool – colour 2281 knitted on a number 4mm needle and it should fit a one year old.

I have fallen in love with knitting cardigans from the neck down. No sewing and only two threads to sew away! Love it!

At present, I’m buzy tiding up loose ends. Will tell you more about this next week!


31 thoughts on “Roll on Spring!

    • Hi Tracy
      I had the privilege to be in the State over Autumn! It was really beautiful! I do understand that you not ready for it, your winters are brutal!
      Thanks for all your lovely comments!

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