Royal Show

I was not going to enter any of my items this year, but one Wednesday morning, Sandy and Avril arrived and decided that I had to enter! After looking around Avril walked off with the following items and entered them, 3 little arty kind of quilts, pair of socks, crocheted blanket and tea cozies. Well, the show opened to the public today so I can share with you what prizes I won, or did not win! The categories are as follows: very good – Special prize, good – first prize, second, third, highly commended and then commended and a floating trophy in each category. Well here it goes –
Little arty kind quilts – 1 – first prize, 1 – third prize and last one nothing
Socks – first prize
Crochet blanket – Nothing
Tea cozies – they all got a Commended

No money or luxury sewing machine or overseas trip as a prize! I am told you enter for the honor of it. Well that’s what Sandy says!

Hopefully next year I will have more items and maybe a Special prize with a trophy!


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