Friendship quilting…

Do you remember the following two posts “To friendship“, November 23, 2013 and “All done!” February 8, 2014? Let me give you a little bit of background to this quilt.

A friend and I normally decide on a quilt that we will be sewing together, needless to say, the “friend” always wins on the choice of design and this one, was a “Friendship braid” quilt. Then what happens, we get together on a Wednesday morning to sew on this quilt/project. As you can see mine was finished in February 2014! Now we get today’s post.

I bought myself a HQ Sweet Sixteen quilting machine, and on one of our Wednesday get together, to sew, I mentioned that I bought this machine and have no finished quilt top to quilt. Before I could take a breath she said I could finish quilting her “Friendship braid” quilt. Well what could I say!

I quilted it very similar to my quilt! I must say I’m enjoying this new machine. Very nice!

To friendship quilting …


Knit, knit, knit …..

That all you hear in my house at the moment! I used this pattern to knit a scarf for a friend a few years back and I always wanted to use this pattern to knit a knee rug. Well I did.

Lucky for me, after scratching in my stash, I found 14 x 50g balls, colour 101, of “Joy” from African Expression from the same dye lot. The yarn is made from the perfect combination of delicate Wool, luxurious Mohair and bright Acrylic (15% mohair, 40% wool and 45% acrylic).

I found the pattern on Ravelry, “Reversible Chevron Scarf” by Debbie Seton . I cast on 184 stitches using a 5mm (US 8 / UK 6) needle casting off on row 16. I knitted an I-cord edge to finish the knee rug off. If you want to know how to knit an I cord edge have a look at this YouTub video. The finished size is 52” x 52” or 132cm x 132cm.

Now to knit or to crochet? maybe both?



Crochet along-border

At last I’m finished with my Crochet along, “Spice of Life” that I started with Sandra Paul from Cherry heart blog. If you want to, you can go back to my post of “Crochet along”, October 9, 2015 and “Crocket along II, October 16, 2015 to get all the info.

My border is not the same as hers, as her border did not suit my colour scheme, so this inspired me into crocheting a more neutral border, not as feminine as hers. Before crocheting the border on, I did block the blanket.

I crocheted the final border as follows
Base row: Double Crochet/dc (USA Single Crochet/sc) with dark blue wool.
Rows 1 – 5 rows: Grannies pattern, from part 2 of the “Spice of Life” using the dark blue and green wool.
Row 6: I changed to pink wool and crocheted a row of Treble Crochet (tr) (USA Double Crochet (dc)) then ended off with a row of crab stitch, if you don’t know what a crab stitch or reverse single crochet stitch is have a look at this YouTube video.

I seem to be in a knitting and crocheting mode of knee blankets. I’m just on the final border of a knitted knee blanket and I will share it with you next week.

Lots of love

It has been a while!

It has been a while! Sorry! My life towards the end of last year took on a pace that I just couldn’t keep up with. Life is not fair when you’re young, days are so long. Now that I’m getting older I’m battling to fit everything into a day. I will not bore you with the long version.

We did some renovations at home as my youngest son has moved home and we needed a space for him to stay in. I do not cope well with strange people in and around my space.

I also lost the oldest member of my four legged family at a ripe age of 20 years. We do not want any more puppies so we adopted a 13 year old Jack Russell male named Turbo, what a lovely “little boy”. So now I’m down to two four legged children, Turbo, the new addition and Molly (12 years), both are Jack Russell’s.

We went to Cape Town over Christmas and New Year. Fun was had by all. Now we are all back into the “rat race”. I just finished a week of babysitting.
The crafting side was a bit slower, I managed to start hand quilting my Reiko Kato quilt and started knitting a shawl. This is nearly done as the 14 balls of
yarn that I found in my stash is running out and I’m thinking about a final knitted border.

I have slowly come back and started reading all the blogs I follow. Good to see everyone is well in “blogland”.