Friendship quilting…

Do you remember the following two posts “To friendship“, November 23, 2013 and “All done!” February 8, 2014? Let me give you a little bit of background to this quilt.

A friend and I normally decide on a quilt that we will be sewing together, needless to say, the “friend” always wins on the choice of design and this one, was a “Friendship braid” quilt. Then what happens, we get together on a Wednesday morning to sew on this quilt/project. As you can see mine was finished in February 2014! Now we get today’s post.

I bought myself a HQ Sweet Sixteen quilting machine, and on one of our Wednesday get together, to sew, I mentioned that I bought this machine and have no finished quilt top to quilt. Before I could take a breath she said I could finish quilting her “Friendship braid” quilt. Well what could I say!

I quilted it very similar to my quilt! I must say I’m enjoying this new machine. Very nice!

To friendship quilting …


13 thoughts on “Friendship quilting…

  1. Well, as long as you’re enjoying it…. It sounds as if your friend is getting the best part of this arrangement, choosing the design and now having you quilt it for her! I’m very envious of your Sweet Sixteen quilter, though…

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