Crochet along-border

At last I’m finished with my Crochet along, “Spice of Life” that I started with Sandra Paul from Cherry heart blog. If you want to, you can go back to my post of “Crochet along”, October 9, 2015 and “Crocket along II, October 16, 2015 to get all the info.

My border is not the same as hers, as her border did not suit my colour scheme, so this inspired me into crocheting a more neutral border, not as feminine as hers. Before crocheting the border on, I did block the blanket.

I crocheted the final border as follows
Base row: Double Crochet/dc (USA Single Crochet/sc) with dark blue wool.
Rows 1 – 5 rows: Grannies pattern, from part 2 of the “Spice of Life” using the dark blue and green wool.
Row 6: I changed to pink wool and crocheted a row of Treble Crochet (tr) (USA Double Crochet (dc)) then ended off with a row of crab stitch, if you don’t know what a crab stitch or reverse single crochet stitch is have a look at this YouTube video.

I seem to be in a knitting and crocheting mode of knee blankets. I’m just on the final border of a knitted knee blanket and I will share it with you next week.

Lots of love

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