It has been a while!

It has been a while! Sorry! My life towards the end of last year took on a pace that I just couldn’t keep up with. Life is not fair when you’re young, days are so long. Now that I’m getting older I’m battling to fit everything into a day. I will not bore you with the long version.

We did some renovations at home as my youngest son has moved home and we needed a space for him to stay in. I do not cope well with strange people in and around my space.

I also lost the oldest member of my four legged family at a ripe age of 20 years. We do not want any more puppies so we adopted a 13 year old Jack Russell male named Turbo, what a lovely “little boy”. So now I’m down to two four legged children, Turbo, the new addition and Molly (12 years), both are Jack Russell’s.

We went to Cape Town over Christmas and New Year. Fun was had by all. Now we are all back into the “rat race”. I just finished a week of babysitting.
The crafting side was a bit slower, I managed to start hand quilting my Reiko Kato quilt and started knitting a shawl. This is nearly done as the 14 balls of
yarn that I found in my stash is running out and I’m thinking about a final knitted border.

I have slowly come back and started reading all the blogs I follow. Good to see everyone is well in “blogland”.

9 thoughts on “It has been a while!

  1. Lovely quilt and sorry about the dog loss, we had to put my mother’s cat down this Christmas. She has been with us since my mother passed on and it was quite hard to let her go. Glad to see your post is back.

  2. You were missed! I wondered if you’d got fed up with blogging, and am glad to see it’s not the case. Lots of changes in your life to explain the absence, but I hope we’ll see more of you again now.

  3. Losing a beloved dog after 20 years would be tough.
    I strangely like regular tradesmen – the ones you get to know and make cups of tea for and chat with. We had our house painted about 5 years ago, and the painter was a friendly chap. Is that weird?

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