Blocks done


Reiko Kato – block 1


Reiko Kato – block 2


Reiko Kato – block 3


Reiko Kato – block 4


Reiko Kato – block 5


Reiko Kato – block 6

20 thoughts on “Blocks done

    • Hi Carla
      I did use Quiltmania magazine pattern from issue 93 to 98, except for block 5, I made up my own. I didn’t have that issue.

  1. Nikki I am so sorry I am late in posting a comment. I love your work and you will have a beautiful quilt! We are still in Arizona and I am finally getting back to a lot of quilting time. I need to do a post – Miss my Studio, but we really needed this trip. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, you always so kind to me. Hope you have a wonderful stay in Arizona?
      I read in your blog that you lived in South Africa. What area did you stay in?
      Speak soon.

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