I’m still hooking!

I’m still hooking! This time its tray clothes, you can also use them for placemats. I follow this blog called “Little Woolie” by Julie Harrison. She crochets the most amazing things. In 2013 she started crocheting these Harlequin dish clothes using a crochet method called “Tapestry crocheting”, it’s like Fair Isle knitting, just in crocheting.

I started crocheting a dish cloth using her “Tapestry Crocheting” tutorial, starting with 41 chains as per her instructions, as I’m used to a double knit cotton yarn, the item looked a bit big and “hard” so I decided instead of doing a 3 x 3 harlequin pattern, I will go 3 x 4 and use them for tray clothes.

I used Strawberries and Cream DK – 50% Recycled cotton/50% Acrylic, made in Turkey for Kismet yarns using a 5mm (UK6 / USA H/8) hook.

Love to all
Nikki M

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