Getting ready for Christmas

I’m getting ready for Christmas. As we will not be home for Christmas this year, no, we are not going to Europe this time, we are staying home in sunny South Africa. Not on the east coast (we lives on the east coast side ), but on the west coast. This means we are going to Cape Town. We are renting a house in Camps Bay and hopefully the whole family will be coming down, our American and Brazilian family is coming, (this is my new daughter ’s family). Nice to get a daughter when they all grown up!

As we will be driving down, I decided to make everyone a little Christmas stocking. The pattern comes out of one of Nancy Halvorsen books called “Happy Holidays to you” 2003, it’s the Mini Christmas Stockings on pg 3. All the fabrics are from Nancy Halvorsen collection, I have been collecting her fabric for a few years now. The buttonhole appliqué was done by machine using a black machine cotton thread. I will find something small to put into each little stocking on our drive down.

Hope all is going well with all of you?


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