Hope chest

I’m working on my “hope chest”. The last few weeks I have been crocheting a baby cot blanket. I know they have only been married for 2 months and you should not start making things before the time, but I can’t help it. I’m in granny mode! I bought a bunch of flannels to crochet borders around and …., don’t get me started. Let me tell you about the blanket.

I bought 5 colours of a bamboo cotton yarn from a local supplier “Nurturing Fibers” called “Eco-Fusion”, the yarn is available on line from “Be Inspired” or you can visit Chantal at 18 Msinsi Road, Kloof, South Africa on a Thursday afternoon, 1pm – 3pm or Saturdays 9pm – 12pm.

The quantities and colours are as follows – 3 balls of Bessy (yellow), 3 balls of Anvil (grey), 3 balls of cornflower (blue), 3 balls of Lime (green) and 8 balls of vanilla (white), they are 50g balls.

I used Angie from “Le Monde de Sucrette” V stitch stripes (version 2) pattern, chaining 148 (49 x 3 + 1), using a 3mm (11UK) crochet hook. Crochet in the following order – 4 rows of cornflower, 2 rows vanilla, 4 rows bessy, 2 rows vanilla, 4 rows anvil, 2 rows vanilla, 4 rows lime, 2 rows vanilla starting again with cornflower. I didn’t start or end with the vanilla. The border was crocheted out of “Around the corner – Crochet Borders” by Eddie Eckman, border number 27 on pgs 74 – 75 using the vanilla. Finished size 35”x 46” (89cm x 117cm).

Happy hooking! 😜


10 thoughts on “Hope chest

  1. I’d be distraught if anyone created anything for a baby I was expecting before it was safely born let alone conceived. It feels like tempting fate. I am of course coming from the perspective of a family with a sad history of baby loss and neonatal death. I was the first child in the family to have a living sibling for 85 years. Mum and I panicked when my brother and SiL bought a cot before my niece was born. Beautiful crochet though. It’s so pretty. I love the scale of cot blankets.

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