Needle turn

Do the words “needle turn appliqué” strike you with horror? Well they do for me, but I must say, not anymore, since I discovered this amazing technique called “Apliquick”, invented by a Spanish lady called Rosa Rojas. Please have a look at this video, it’s amazing. It makes appliqué so much easier and faster and you can make the smallest shapes and designs with ease.

Rosa came to South Africa and was a vendor at our local quilt show that was held in Durban from the 3 – 7th July 2015.

When I got home I just had to try this technique, as I had spend a fortune buy all the gadgets. Well I must report it works extremely well. Every piece of equipment from the scissors to the two metal rods has been properly thought out, for example the scissors is designed that you never bend your hand downwards, as you do so much cutting out of little pieces of fabric.

The quilt I’m making using this technique, is Raiko Kato’s Mystery quilt for 2013, it was published in the Quilt mania, issues 93 – 98 if you do not have these issues you can purchase the pattern from the Quilt mania shop. I have completed block 6 and currently I’m working on block 1.

Guess what I will be doing this week coming?

Happy crafting.

21 thoughts on “Needle turn

  1. Wonderful! I like needleturn appliqué more than other ways toappliqué. And I like Reiko Kato’s designs and of cause – as can be supposed if you look at my gravatar – sunbonnet Sue. I hope to read about your progress!

  2. I had a look at the video, and I do think that if you like needleturn appliqué it would be a big help. I’m still curious about what some of the tools are for, which you didn’t see used, and I’m wondering if all the front of the fabric is sticky too, since it seemed to stick to the background once she had turned all the edges in. And is that white stuff very thin? Otherwise, does it add much thickness to the piece you’re appliquéing?

    • It’s a light iron on interfacing, yes it thicker but no more than applique paper. The glue stick p is used to glue the seam allowance down, but the glue washes out. It is “stiff” when you hand see it down, I like this. Hope this helps. I was a bit of a sceptic that it’s was a money making gadget, but I can honestly it work amazingly well.

  3. It was good to read this post as Rosa was exhibiting her tools at the Festival of Quilts last week and she certainly prepared her appliqué pieces quickly and skillfully. I didn’t buy the tools but I was tempted!

  4. Excellent Nikki. I found the entire set with Jenny Beyer on her website and Amazon. I am still remaining a traditional needle turn appliquer. I know that 90% of the appliquers’ are now using the glue and some type of tools that makes the technique easier for some. Guess I am just a die hard traditionalist. But so glad you found something that allows you to enjoy the applique. Thx for the information. I had no idea that this product was on the market.

  5. I haven’t tried applique yet… but that looks like a way to make it much easier. Thanks for the information. I love what you are doing with it. Looking forward to the finished product. 🙂

  6. Carolyn Konig uses those tools and I saw them demonstrated at her class. They were hugely popular. I am happy with my old-fashioned method, so I spent my money on fabrics instead of the tools. 🙂

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