I’m back

At last I’m back. Thanks for all your lovely comments. The wedding was amazing and exhausting! Sorry I have no photographs other than those horrible cell phone ones, as soon as I get some “professional” ones, I will share some with you.

Well I hit the ground running, then I collapsed with a bad dose of the flu and middle ear infection, I had the mid ear infection before I left and at this point, had 3 doses of antibiotics and decided to just boost my immune system, stay in and sleep and have as much vitamin C, fluids and homeopathic remedies as I could handle for 10 days. Glad to report it worked.

I haven’t been idling since we last spoke as I finished and started few knitting, crochet and quilting projects. A lot of knitting was done as I spent a lot of time in a car, in airports and airplanes. I bought more fabrics, yarns, books and some gadgets.

I will share all of these with you in the next few weeks.

It’s really good to be back.


16 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Wow! And back with a vengeance. Is that applique I see? Boosting the immune system is the best way to handle things in my book too. Glad you are better. If that’s how productive you are when ill, my goodness what you must turn out when all is well.

  2. Welcome back & glad you’re on the mend. You have been busy…I want more details on that awesome sheep knitting….it’s so cute!!!

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