Fair Isle world ….

About a month ago, I decided to enter a Fair Isle knitted cardigan for a 3 year old into our local Craft show. As I live in “Fair Isle world” – In my mind, I have 5 non interrupted dreamy days to knit this lovely pink creation. What a breeze ….. Well Nikki, you live in the real world! Reality – 5 days to knit a Fair Isle cardigan? Not going to happen. Well it happens, but not in “Fair Isle world”.

My pattern is from Debbie Bliss – Family knits – 25 Handknits for All Seasons on pg 69 – Fair Isle cardigan. The yarn I used was not the recommended yarn as the entry forms specify a local yarn brand called Elle, I used their Pure Gold DK. After doing a test gauge and changing the needle sizes, I had to adapt the pattern so I ended up using the 1 -2 year size for the cast on stitches and the biggest size for the length and therefore I ended up with a cardigan for a 5 year old.

I used the following colours: – 2 balls 100g – 206 Blossom, 1 ball 100g – 149 Limeade, 036 Ivory, 040 Riviera, 087 Glamour, 008 Catalina, 4mm/US 6/UK 8 knitting needle, I have a fair amount of leftover yarn.

I didn’t have a problem in knitting the first pattern chart, but can’t say the same for the second flower like pattern chart, I need more practice. After I had knitted and blocked all the pieces and was about to sew up the shoulders together to start picking up the neckline, I discovered that I missed two rows of the flower pattern on the left front panel. Oh No! Threads are being sewed in and it’s blocked. I grabbed the scissors and just cut the knitted piece off, unraveled to the problem area and started again, lucky for me it was just before you cast off for the neckline.

Handed in my entry with no time to spare. Did I win? No!. Did I learn a lot? Yes!. Will I remember what I learned? Hell no!

I’m off to New York for my son’s wedding so you will not see me for about 4 weeks, but I will blog some pics.


30 thoughts on “Fair Isle world ….

  1. Nikki, that is so cute. I love concerning Faire Isle knitting that you have never more than two colours in a row at the same time…. so I find it easy to have one yarn right and the other one left hand. Like the colours you used.

  2. So beautiful; I know the struggle with the flower like pattern… Norwegian traditional patterns often have star patterns of the same kind, very easy to make a mistake that is detected a bit late! Greetings from Oslo!

  3. Never in a million years would I attempt this, so my admiration is absolute, not to mention your bravery in attacking your knitting with scissors! I hope the wedding goes off beautifully, and we’ll look forward to seeing the photos!

  4. Such pretty colours. It would have taken me at least five MONTHS!
    I know what you mean about learning. At the time I remember perfectly. In three or four years when I again need that information – not so sure.
    Enjoy New York!

  5. Oh, this is why I haven’t seen your blog pop up in my reader! Will unfollow here, then follow via bloglovin’, because it’s easier to keep things in one place only. I hope the wedding was a lovely affair! And oh my, this fair-isle project, it’s gorgeous!

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