Socks and more socks ….

The past few weeks I have been knitting socks, very small ones and not too small ones.

The very small blue ones are for a little boy that was born on Monday, and the purple green ones are for one to be born this Wednesday, don’t know what this one is going to be. I used Regia – “My first Regia” sock yarn and The Rock’s Baby socks pattern designed by Jeanne for Jimmy Beans Wool.

The not too small ones with strips were knitted for a two year old using Regia Design line by Kaffe Fasset, the green fleck ones are also for a two year old, here I used some leftover sock yarn that I don’t have the label for any more. The bigger blue pair is knitted for a three year old little boy, again using leftover yarn, no label. For this I used The Purl Bee – Toddler socks pattern, instead of knitting the whole leg in rib pattern I knitted a cuff for about 1½” (± 4cm) then knitted the remainder of the leg in stocking stitch till the required length, I just used one colour yarn.

Oh, I also entered two pair of socks on to our local Craft show and won a first prize for both of them, an adult pair and a pink pair for a two year old little girl.

I’m still knitting my strips, hope to show you soon what I’m up to.

Happy crafting


14 thoughts on “Socks and more socks ….

  1. Your knittet socks are all beautiful Nikki. Although knitting makes aching my hand I can’t live without having something on my needles. You used lovely wool – I like the Kaffe Fasset one, didn’t know there was a Fasset line at Regia.

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