To friends

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to show her how to knit a blanket with pictures on, for those who don’t know this is called intarsia knitting.

Intarsia or “picture knitting” is a color-work technique used to create basic geometric shapes or complicated pictures in a knitted piece. Intarsia knitting patterns can be worked in as few as two colors or as many as needed for a given design. Unlike Fair Isle knitting, in which small repeating patterns are created by alternating two strands of yarn in different colors across a row, intarsia knit designs are generally free-form, and each area of color is worked from an individual ball, bobbin, or length of yarn. When a color is not in use, it is dropped to the wrong side of the work until it is needed again on the next row for its designated stitches.
The Basics of Intarsia Knitting
By Kathleen Cubley, Knitting Daily Editor

As it is easier for me to show someone how to do something by doing it myself and then they work on their item. I decided to find a quick and easy pattern, so I flipped through my knitting books and found a flower cushion out of a book by Debbie Abrahams “25 cushions to knit – fantastic cushions for every room in your home” called “Happy flowers”. I used my left over yarns from my scarf that I have finished knitting in “Keep Practicing

I think I need more practice as I’m not too happy with the finished result!

Well, I have a bit of yarn left, maybe I’ll try again or maybe I’ll just use a different yarn.

To practicing and friends!


7 thoughts on “To friends

  1. I know nothing about knitting, but do you need to use a heavier weight yarn to avoid show through from the crossing threads on the back? OK, I’ll shut up now… The cushions are lovely, and I’d be very happy if I owned one of them!

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