Crochet part II
As I was writing last week’s post I started crocheting a little poncho for my husband secretary daughter whom will be turning 2 soon. Can you believe it? It feels like yesterday that she was born, check this post.

I found this quick and easy crochet poncho pattern from a blog “Le Monde de Sucrette”. It’s a really easy pattern and it crocheted up in no time. Using various colours from the Special and Wonder Soft double knit yarns from Stylecraft that I found in my stash.
Using a 4mm ( 8UK / US6) crochet hook, using my first colour, I started with 72 chain, the head I was crocheting for measures 45cm (18”), with 8 of 3 set double crochet on either side of the 6 set corner cluster. I crochet 26 rows including my base and border row. For the border I crochet 5 double crochet in the chain and 1 slip stitch in to the middle chain of the 3 set double crochet to form the loopy border and 8 double crochet in the 2 corner cluster.

Crocheting is so confusing what means one thing on this side of the world is something different on the other side of the world. Women, we can never make up our minds or maybe we want to make sure we always use our brains!? In the pattern she uses tr (treble stitch) UK, I know it as a dc (double crochet) US.

Alissa is a Steiff teddy bear and we adopted her in Nuremburg on our recent trip to Europe.

Happy hooking!


9 thoughts on “Poncho

  1. Beautiful, and somehow looking at your picture has made the light turn on for me, if you can do a granny square that is all you need to know for this poncho, just use a larger center, OMGoodness! Can’t wait to try it.

    • Hi Carla I also love crocheting but lately I only do something I can start the Friday and finish the Sunday.
      Thanks for all your lovely comments.

  2. What a sweet gift. My mother used to make us all ponchos; back in the 60’s…we were the coolest kids around. Send a note along to the mother of the child so she knows how to clean it. My mother used a lot of wool, and thinks got shrunk when washed without caution. (Daddy was always putting things in the clothes dryer that should not have gone!)

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