Meet Bella

Crocheting part I
While I was nursing my injured shoulder I crocheted a little bit. On my last trip to the States we visited a town called Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Here I found this lovely toyshop, they had these crochet dolls for sale made from cotton, I decided I was going to make one.

Back home I found this book “Crochet your own dolls & accessories” by Sally Byrne I crochet the girly on the front page without the stripy legs using Elle Premier natural cotton 4 ply and a number 3mm (US D/3, UK10) crocheting hook using the following colours:
046 Peach – arms, legs, shoulders, neck and head
001 White – panty and vest, this forms part of the body
050 Denim – skirt and shoes
029 Coral – jacket, the button I just cut off one of my shirts I was wearing at the time I was crocheting the jacket.
044 Brown – hair, I couldn’t understand the instructions for the hair so I did my own thing.

I used “Silky Soft “ 100% Premium polyester fiber to stuff with and started the stuffing process from the beginning.
For those of you that are new at this, like I am, this kind of crocheting is called amigurumi and you can find “hundreds” of free patterns on the internet and you tube videos, showing you how to do this kind of crocheting and really good advice.

Lots of fun was had while bringing Bella to life, I think she needs pink cheeks, I just haven’t had the courage to put them on. Maybe I must take her for a makeover at the beautician!

Next time I will share with you another crochet item I’m busy with at the moment.


37 thoughts on “Meet Bella

  1. Bella it is lovely to meet you, you are so cute.

    You did a great job on her. I want to start crocheting toys, are they hard to do? All that counting and following patterns scares me.

    • It was really easy! I battle to read a pattern because I don’t understand the abbreviations so I always make a copy and keep it by the pattern and keep a maker at the beginning of the row. Go for it it’s really fun!

  2. wow Bella is simply gorgeous!
    are you going to give her to a little girl to play with? or is she going to sit on your hself and look pretty?

  3. Nikki this is wonderful!! You did an amazing job. I don’t crochet or knit and I am in LOVE with your doll. You certainly could make & sell these darling little girls on Etsy!! I would buy 2 for my granddaughters, ages 2 & 4. I can see them getting a lot of hugs and kisses and carried everywhere. About the face. PLAIN is perfect. Let the children decide if the dolly is happy today or sad today, has pink cheeks or not. Often times dolls are used by therapists to work through situations and the dolly becomes the little girl. The NEUTRAL face is the type face the therapist looks for, so the expressions of the child become what is important. You do beautiful work. Congratulations. If you ever decide to sell them, please contact me. 🙂

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