More fabric …..

In Hungary outside Budapest, about a 45 minute train ride on a Russian built train through the country side is a town called Szentendre. Here I found this shop that sells blue-dyed products called Kovács Kékfestő. The fabric and products that are sold here are made according to traditional methods. It was started by the Kovács family in 1878 in Hungary. Through the years each member of the family has been awarded the title of “Folk Art Master”, the workshop is situated at Kőrösi Street 9 in Tiszakécske and the equipment they use is from the turn of the century. Blue-print material is considered very ordinary in Hungary.

The original blue-dying was a cold indigo dye done in a large in-ground, dyeing tub. Since 1932 the family wrote down the instructions and it now is an indanthrene warm dye. Mária Kovás now runs the shop and she uses blue-dying patterns originating from the beginning of the last century and she added a few of her own designs.

All though it’s not a fabric shop it does sell the fabrics that the items are made of, in the shop. If you plan to visit the shop, just ask the shop assistant to show you the fabrics suitable to use to make a quilt. They also have the fabric you can use to make tablecloths and other house hold items. All the fabrics are 100% cotton and therefore very suitable for quilt making.

I was first introduced to Hungarian blue-dyed quilts at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England in 2008. Guess what, they had a Dear Jane quilt made from the blue-dyed fabric, I don’t seem to find any photos, I have a feeling that we were not allowed to take any photographs.

Much More fabric was added to my stash! What can I say! Maybe another Dear Jane in blue-dyed fabrics? No ways!!!

Happy crafting.


24 thoughts on “More fabric …..

  1. In fact……..blogging has made my feet so itchy that I have made a decision. My teen is studying Mandarin and she is very interested in China. She loves everything about China……she is always talking about China. So I have decided to take her for a visit. And ever since I decided, I have been reading up on 2 things ie the Silk Road …………and where I can buy fabric!

  2. I seem to have lost you and now found you again in my reader. Just in time to see that beautiful fabric and those wonderful shops. I would so love to make another trip abroad but alas, travel is out of the question right now. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. My stash is large enough but there could always be room for a piece that beautiful.

  3. My brother lived in Budapest for a few years and I loved seeing the beautiful embroidered clothes and tablecloths in the markets.I love the shade of blue you have shown us. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I too enjoyed visiting Budapest and Hungary. I would enjoy visiting this store on my next visit. What a treasure.

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