Life is for living!

I believe life is for living, no matter if you are poor or rich!

As a child my mother was a single parent and therefore we did not have much! No takeaways, sweets, chips, movies, holidays etc! Looking back I don’t think I was poor, I was never fat, always healthy, because I ate good healthy fresh vegetables and fruit and walked everywhere I needed to be! I always had money for my crafts, birthday and Christmas present needs, because I worked at the local hairdresser sweeping and washing hair on Saturday morning and during my school holidays. I never felt poor! I had food in my tummy, a roof over my head, a warm clean bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear and I felt safe! Needless to say our home didn’t look like a magazine page! Nothing matched, but it was clean. Mom was a clean-a-holic, if that can be a word!

So many of you can’t believe that I have adult sons! Well I married very young at the age of 18! As you have gathered it must have been a shot gun wedding! Hehe! Best thing I ever did! My life is so different now, but also still the same!

I think this is why I love so many different colours, old and new things! I would like to share a few glimpses of my home!

To life and living!


PS As you read this I will be landing in New York to meet my new daughter! I will keep you posted!

26 thoughts on “Life is for living!

  1. Lovely house! So many of your things look like mine, I think I’d feel right at home there. Bon voyage, and good luck with the new daughter in law – I hope she loves her hand made gift.

  2. Life is for living … and you are a gourmet! 😉
    I was mom at the age of 18… now my wonderful son is 27 now and I am a happy “bestager”.
    To life & living!
    Gute Reise – Bon voyage!

  3. There are many of us who were raised as you, even with 2 parents. Our generation was born and have lived in the best of times…. Lovely home, and I admire all of your work – again – wish you lived in our little country town where I could learn to become a more proficient knitter. BUT, I understand, practice makes perfect. I had a 38 year working career so my craft world started in 1999 when I retired from a wonderful career.

  4. Great post! I love your blue willow China Set. I have been working on collecting a set of tea cups and saucers that are of the Blue Willow pattern.

  5. Beautiful pictures of beautiful things. Welcoming a daughter in the family will be a joy. We are in the opposite position. We have 3 daughters and the last one got married just over a week ago. Now I can say we have three wonderful sons. I hope you have enjoyed New York! I live in the United States and have not been there. Maybe someday.

    • Hi Sonya
      It’s great to have a daughter in the family, so different to boys! She is wonderful and makes my son so happy! New York is amazing, my feet do need some rest!

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