Hot off the knitting needles!

The last time I spoke to you all I was busy knitting a scarf and I mentioned I would like to knit some sockS! Well, I’m glad to report I managed to finish the scarf and knit one pair of socks. I’m nearly finished the second sock of the second pair!
I’m off to a quilting weekend in Cape Town, so I will bore you with the details and sock pattern on my next blog!
Hopefully I would have finished a third pair of socks!
Happy knitting!
PS Thanks for all your lovely commentS! I really enjoy reading them!


22 thoughts on “Hot off the knitting needles!

  1. I am so jealous – wish I had someone who could knit as great as you do and be able to teach! Absolutely beautiful!

      • I usually do my knitting in the winter, which is starting to get here after a hot summer. I will continue to teach myself. I would like to learn how to knit socks in the round with 2 sets of needles. I just need to watch the CD that I purchased. Wish me luck

      • You will not belief me the first thing I ever knitted was a pair of sock, they didn’t turn out to good the too big! So if I know you can do it!

  2. I am so jealous! these look like the most perfect comfy house socks to wear on a blustery autumn/winter day. they are gorgeous!

  3. Such beautiful work! You’ve brought to mind some wonderful memories, Nikki. When I was a boy, Nonna knitted woolen socks, mittens, and a scarf for each of us at Christmas. I haven’t felt that warm since. 🙂

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