Let’s play!

This last week I have been playing making Luscious Little Layerings! I’m no art quilter! It’s too messy for me and I’m not responsible enough, especially when it comes to burning things, my concentration span is to short and I may just burn the house down!

Every second year on this side of the world each Province (state) gets a turn to host a quilt festival. Well next year it is the Province I live in’s turn to host it.

The idea is to send the “layerings” (A4 size) to the 2015 Festival committee who will then post them on their website and keep them to be sold off as prizes at a Tombola at the 2015 Festival in Durban, South Africa. We are hoping to get “layerings” from some of the top South African quilters, so that when you do come to the Festival and buy a ticket for the tombola, you might be lucky enough to win one of those. The money earned at the Tombola from the sale of these “layerings” will go toward defraying some of the costs of the Festival.

If any of you would like to play along please click on the Luscious Little Layerings link and join in the fun!


18 thoughts on “Let’s play!

  1. These are wonderful! What fun that must be. I clicked on the link and also liked what I saw there as well. I love doing “quiltlets” because they don’t take as long –no time to get tired of them before they are finished as in a large quilt. Here in the USA, I’ve not heard the term quiltlet but miniature quilts, wall hangings, doll quilts and the like is what they would be called.

  2. My favourite is the one with the grey and yellow checked background. You’ve clearly had heaps of fun here, and I think you should carry on and make a whole quilt’s worth!

  3. These are just so beautiful. I love all of them, but the flowers are my favourite. I will never ever have the patience to make a proper quilt but would such a little one be a good idea to try for a non quilter?

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