Hoo hoo!

Hoo hoo I’m done! This week I made 26 felted little hanging owl decorations! I made them for a friend’s birthday tea. She is giving each guest one as a little gift!

I found this adorable pattern from Jessica Levitt @ Juice bits, click on the link and scroll down and you will find the pattern template. I enlarged the pattern template by 30%, the owl’s body, wings and eyes are made out of pastel / ice cream coloured felts, the bellies are cut from various Kaffe Fasset fabrics and attached using appliqué paper. I machine buttonhole stitched each felted owl. Jessica stuffed her owls, I didn’t.

Till next week!


53 thoughts on “Hoo hoo!

  1. Cute! What a good friend you are. You had a very busy week, not just a busy day, to make all these. Will they be displayed so beautifully at the birthday tea on the clever tree? Is that chicken wire or coathangers?!

    • It’s 14 awg galvanized wire it’s the outer sheet of an electrical cable it’s or the same! Chicken wire is to thin and coat hanger wire is to thick! Hope this makes sense! I bought mine from a local street vendor!

  2. WOW! I love these tiny cute owls.. do you know this: An old owl sat on an oak, the more it saw the less it spoke. The less it spoke the more it heard – why can’t we be like this old bird! … I collected owls several years (wooden, out of stone, metal…) Yours are so lovely!

    • Hi Marie
      In the post click on ” Juice Bits” scroll down to “download owl ornaments” click on this you will find a copy of the pattern!
      Thanks for visiting and liking my post!

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