Satisfied Saturday!

Well I’m a very happy quilter/crafter! I managed to finish knitting the striped stole, hand sew the binding onto the flannel quilt and finished the second border of my “Dear Jane” quilt!

Striped stole.

Striped stole.

Looking back at my post I started knitting the striped stole, June 16, 2014 as I posted about it on June 21, 2014. It took me a month to knit, I finished knitting the border on July 20, 2014! Finished size is 80cm x 193cm (31½“x 76”) it was knitted with various brands of sock wool, the pattern indicated a 100g skein of the various colour ways, this was far too much. You only need 50g of a colour and 100g skein for the border knit. This stole is going to come in very hand as we are planning another trip to Europe over Christmas and New Year!
Flannel quilt.

Flannel quilt.

The flannel quilt I made out of various pieces of flannel I had in my stash I used a pattern I have shared with you on a previous post, if you would like a copy of the pattern please click on “Quilt Throw”. I made the flannel quilt bigger, finished size 165cm x 190cm (65” x 75”). I made this quilt for my youngest son, he collected it yesterday.
Dear Jane.

Dear Jane.

The Five Year War with “Dear Jane” is still on, I managed to finish the second border! Two more to go, then I am done!

I better get back at Jane otherwise she may think I have deserted again and it ends up being a Six Year War!


25 thoughts on “Satisfied Saturday!

  1. Beautiful work on the shawl, I’m sure your son loved his new flannel quilt it turned out great. Love hoe you Dear Jane quilt is turning out beautiful work all around.

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