Lacy knitting!

Well guess what I have been doing?! Knitting of course! I seem to have fallen in love with my knitting needles! I never thought I would! I’m really enjoying my knitting!

For the past two weeks I have been knitting a cardigan for Haley, she is turning a year old in July. The pattern is out of “Heirloom Baby Knits” by Deborah Newton, the one I knitted is Pumpkin Pie – Lacy Cardigan Jumper on pg 66. What can I say about lacy knitting? It’s not difficult you just have to keep your wits about you and keep counting and checking every pattern run in every row you have knitted. If you made a mistake you either build a bridge or you start all over again.

I used a local South African yarn, African Expression – Soul – colour 7288.

I also made a bunting with Hayley’s name on, using the “Princess” bunting pattern from September, 7 2013 post.

I have just received a slip from the post office for some books I have ordered and there is 2 knitting books among the collection.

Well guess where I am going now!

Till next week.


39 thoughts on “Lacy knitting!

  1. Knitting is fun, isn’t it! I think it is a bit more portable than a lot of other sewing projects. You just need needles, yarn and a small pair of scissors. And you can be sociable and knit while hanging out with friends and family.
    You are so right about the need to keep your wits about you and check each row as you go!

  2. That is so beautiful!! I have started learning crochet by watching youtube videos and I’ve made granny square afghans and also some small little things, but I would love to learn how to make pretty baby items like the one you made. I’ve looked them up on youtube, but they all seem a little too advanced for me right now… maybe in a few months… I tried to learn how to knit years ago, but didn’t really enjoy it as much as crochet; something about the way I had to hold the needles with both hands made them hurt. For some reason, my hands don’t hurt when I crochet. Your cardigan is so pretty and I’m sure will look wonderful on the little one-year-old 🙂

  3. Now that is plain adorable. Years ago I knitted, like Aran sweaters and stuff but after The DH came into my life it has kind of slipped away. But if my boys will make me grandma (not too soon tough) I will take it up again.

  4. So pretty! One of my favourite knitting patterns is a lace cardigan. So satisfying when the lace starts showing, and so incredibly frustrating when its wrong and you cant figure out where the mistake started!

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