This week superhero capes have been flying out of my sewing machine! As usual courtesy of my sister in law and her party business, Quirky Queens! Can you believe it? 26 super hero’s capes flew out of my machine!

I decided to stick to the main superheroes, Batman, Superman and Spiderman, so I made 8 Superman capes and 9 each of the other two!

I found a polycotton and bought 2 yards of fabric for each cape in red, blue and black and half a yard of yellow for the Batman logo and of course a piece of Velcro to secure the cape around the neck.

I found an amazing free Super Hero Cape pattern on “Sewing with Nancy” by Nancy Zieman, really good instructions even a beginner sewer will be able to follow it. The super hero logos I found on “Vanilla Joy” a blog written by Kelsey Norwood! Sorry no Spiderman, I just made up my own!

I’m sure the world will be a better place in the future with all these Super Hero’s in training!

Happy sewing!



27 thoughts on “Superheros!

  1. Anyone who can sew something that looks that real and well put together gets major kudos from me. My sewing is limited to “must do” moments! Nice job!!! I’m sure the kiddos loved them.

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