The last 3 weeks my hand project for traveling and lounging around, has been a Sri Lankan, appliqué inspired, Duck pillow cover!

Looking around the net I couldn’t find any history regarding the technique or method. I found a lot of pictures of made articles!

Well this is what I know! It’s an appliqué technique using a base fabric and smaller colourful fabrics to recreate a design. The shapes overlap each other, the design is then tacked down using a needle and thread. The raw edges of the fabric are covered with a piece of rick rack, bias strip, rope etc, this is attached using various embroidery stitches. Apparently, in traditional Sri Lankan appliqué one of your fabrics had to be a Bali or batiks piece of fabric!

I traced my design onto the background fabric using a pencil. I then cut up my design into sections to use as fabric templates. Checking my design and placement, certain pieces I had to add a seam allowance. I didn’t tack my design down I used my sewing machine, sewing the design down using a loose, ¼ wide satin stitch or zig zag. Now I covered each seam with a piece of rick rack, bias strip or rope of different colours that complemented my design. I placed a piece of cotton batting on the wrong side of my design and then secured it down using different embroidery stitches.

My Civil War Quilt is quilted!

Now for the binding!

70 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I love the composition and your choice of fabric. I think I’ll have to add this style of appliqué to the long list of things I want to try. Plus I want a duck cushion now!

  2. Thanks for sharing that technique! One of my housemates has a thing (Tablecloth? Throw? General decorative thing? We’re not sure) made that way, and I’ve been itching to know how it’s done. 🙂

  3. I have no skill at doing these things but I wish I did as my little daughter loves ducks and it would make her so happy if I could make her one.

  4. Wow Nikki, that duck pillow is just gorgeous. Reminds me of the Crazy Quilt I mentioned earlier. Thanks for being such a great inspiration and I have to let you know you are now my new sewing Guru!

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