Catch up!

Since we last chatted I have been quilting the Civil War Quilt that I shared with you in this post!

I have to admit I’m a lazy quilter and will always try and find the easiest way out when quilting! That said, I have decided that the long arm route is not for me! Why, would you say! Well for one, space and secondly I still like the idea of the more hands on way! Don’t get me wrong I love quilts quilted on a long arm machine!
So my normal route when it comes to quilting a big quilt will be the following, after I have pinned the 3 layers together I will –

• Stitch in the ditch.

• Do some free motion quilting, most of the time this will happen in the border area as I don’t have to fight with the bulk of the quilt. I find free motion quilting quite tiring!

• Then comes the lazy part! I love using my embroidery machine. Using the jumbo hoop I then embroider a quilting design in the blocks!

As you all know every action has an opposite reaction and when it comes to using the embroidery machine the bad part is that you can’t leave the machine! You have to sit and watch it like a hawk! Well to overcome the boredom of staring at the machine I then find a hand project, in this case I decided to finish knitting my Dr Who Scarf and started tying and sewing in the ends, which I shared with you in this post.

I hope to reveal both the finished projects with you soon.


26 thoughts on “Catch up!

  1. Sorts like No Free Lunch. LOL. But you found good use of the time watching the machine. Like you I don’t have anything resembling space enough for a long arm. On Christa Quilts blog, Christa reported a long armer’s comment that she had done something on her DSM that isn’t possible on a long arm. It’s not all bad, not having one.

  2. I love your idea of using several methods to quilt – I’m petrified of free motion quilting, so the idea of concentrating on the borders and avoiding the centre is a great tip!

  3. Hi Nikki – You are also a busy lady! I love to do all the hand work, applique, embroidery, hand quilting and I love machine piecing and my long arm. I have Husqvarna Designer with embroidery machine….. I purchased it 12 years ago when I started quilting. I tried the embroidery unit, but guess I am too much of a controller and yes, did not think about doing my hand work while the machine was going to town! I became bored with that and moved on. The unit gathers dust, but that is OK because I have moved on. Your work is so pretty and creative. I will check out the Dutch book and love the post about the Dutch fabrics. I never knew about them. The Australian quilters are amazing. You live in Africa? Different sides if the globe! I will be following your post!

    • Wow! It’s amazing how we can live a world apart and be so the same! In 2012 I had the privallage to go to the Houston Quilt festival! Loved the festival didn’t like Houston!
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

  4. Wow what a fantastic idea – not lazy at all. How does your embroidery machine cope with the thickness of the quilt sandwich ? I am so tempted to have a go at this – can I ask what designs you use?

    • Hi Theresa
      The layers is not a problem at all! I just don’t hoop it up to tight and of course you have to watch it! When I purchase my machine it had a few quilt embroidery designs! But I’m sure any outline design should work! Oh yes I do use a quilting needle!
      Thanks for reading my post.

  5. You continue to amaze me, Nikki! I love the idea of using the embroidery machine for quilting the blocks. I will need to try this. I have the Bernina 750 QE with the jumbo hoop so I could set it up. I can hand-stitch that Block-0f-the-Month Christmas quilt I have been working on for way too many Christmas’ now while the embroidery unit does its thing! Thanks so much for your lovely blog.

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