Look what I found!

A few days ago I had to remove a few boxes so that a new AC could be installed in my work room.  Look what I found!

This is a civil war quilt I started in 2011! I could not believe it! Barbara Brackman, a bestselling author and quilt historian started a Civil War Quilt blog in January 2011. Every Saturday you get a block with the history and the cutting instructions and it runs to the end of the year.  A new quilt has been started every year since then!  Thank goodness I only did the 2011 one!  So if you would like to start one go to Barbara Brackman”s Civil War Quilt blog, you are only 8 blocks behind, you can still catch up!

Well, when I found my “little treasure” I had made 27, 8″ blocks and needed to make another 22 blocks! To my horror I  discovered I didn’t keep up with the printing of the blocks after August 2011!  Well all was not lost! They had printed a book and I had it, “Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler 50 Quilt Blocks with Stories from History”

So the journey began again! Lucky I had kept all the fabrics and the few pages I had printed in the box with the blocks and with the book I was A for away!  As I opened the book I fell in love with the setting of the quilt on the cover, this quilt was made by Becky Brown, of Montpelier, Virginia and machine quilted by Deb Jacobs in 2011.

Well if the week treats me well I will be machine quilting my quilt this week!

From a happy quilter!

Till next week



56 thoughts on “Look what I found!

  1. What an excellent rediscovery… It’s stunning. I especially like the flashes of blue around the edge. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. I am having troubles. I have recently discovered that I like Civil War fabrics (some of them) and that I am enjoying the modern style quilts. I just can’t see using my Civil War stash on the modern designs! Until I liked Civil War, my stash contained only BATIKS. Now, there are some fabrics I can put into a modern quilt! I have started making little, doll/wall sized quilts, so maybe I can do both. Your 2011 undertaking is overwhelming to me.

    • I love Civil War fabrics! Have a look at Barbara Brackman’s blog, maybe only make 10 or so of the blocks go for the easy ones!
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

  3. Isn’t it fun to find a project like that? I usually keep a mental inventory, but some do slip through. I must say that I like it that way better than to remember a piece and not be able to find it!

  4. Stunning Quilt! I love the civil war quilts and started one myself a couple of years ago. Seeing yours is such a great inspiration!

  5. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for posting.
    I know I have plenty of ‘cast-aside’ lovelies hanging around in project boxes – this has given me the push I need to go and re-discover some of them!

  6. What a lovely inspiring blog. Thank you for all the info but I can`t match such enthusiasm. All the best and thanks for all your interesting ideas and suggestions.

  7. Pleased to hear that it’s not just me who starts major projects with good intentions only to let them get superseded. What a find though. I hope you get to finish it 🙂

    • Hi Nicky
      Like one of the comment it far more fun finding something than have to look for it!
      Thanks for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog!

  8. Oh my. this is something I just can’t do. But I have afriend who quilts “by hand” and teaches others how to do it the old fashion way. Looking forward to seeing the final project. thank you for commenting on my PPA200 post. I am still learning how to work blogging.

  9. What beautiful work! So neat – well done. You will have finished it in no time at all. I have got 4 quilts on the go at this very minute… and I am sure I will finish them all, when I have a moment. It is wonderful to rediscover uncompleted works and complete them with ‘second wind’!

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