The wheels on the bus go round and …

This time of the year I always find myself making quilts or quilting projects  that I get given from the quilt groups I belong to!  So today I will share with you one of the fabric challenges I was given from one of these guilds!

I was given a fat quarter of blue fabric with green flowers on it, and was told to make a quilt or quilted article.  All of the fabric had to be used, what I didn’t use in the quilt I used in the binding!  Having all these friends and family with babies my first thought was a baby quilt!

I love books! Sorry, quilting books and have a good selection of them, a few years ago my new year’s resolution was to buy at least one new book a month!  Well according to my friend, if she had to sell all my books she would be able to have enough money to go overseas!  Hehe!

I love Kim Schaefer and the first book I pull out is her book on “quilts! bibs! blankies… oh my! flipping through the book my eye falls on page 17, “cars! buses! trucks and trains crib quilt”.

Looking and briefly reading the instructions I decided this quilt will be perfect for my project!  As usual I read the instructions wrong, I cut all my blocks too small and thus I have a 6 x 6 block quilt.  The original quilt has 5 x 5 blocks.  All worked out well!

Oh the quilt is going to a one year old little man!  Needless to say he loves cars thus the name!  Alex’s wheels!.

Hope the weather is getting better on your side of the world?!

Happy quilting!




38 thoughts on “The wheels on the bus go round and …

  1. This is super cute! I’m sure he’ll love it – and you’ll have the added pleasure of making it!

  2. Nikki – I ordered the book. I have two new grandbabies coming, One is a grandson and the other we don’t know. Your ideas are always so fun. I still don’t know how you do so much. I am at a time, when I am having a hard time getting things done. Anyways, thank you for the lead on the book. Jo-

    • Hi Jo
      It is really a nice book! Mine is always close by! You going to have a very happy gran baby! The one I made is still with me and every time a little boy walks in and sees it, the first thing he says is “Please make me one!”
      PS I sew or craft just about everyday for about 6hrs! It’s a problem! Hehe

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