Buzy Day February 2014

37 thoughts on “Buzy Day February 2014

  1. Nikki this is beautiful. Where do you get your design ideas from ?
    As an artist I regularly have a notebook to hand. I would be interested to know if you sketch your ideas first. i.e. the flowers.

    • No I don’t sketch or plan anything on paper other than the curve of the vine! A quilt will start with an idea then I will do some visual reading ie books or the internet and photos I may have taken at a display!
      I would love to be as artist as you are, but alas I’m not! I do love looking at art quilt, do it myself my fingers just can’t do it!
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

    • Just checking re the label? Are you asking about the label on the quilt or the photographs?
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

      • I sew it onto the back of the quilt, sew the left and bottom of the label on when sewing on the binding,. Make sure you iron a little seam on the top and right side of label sew this down by hand when you sew the binding in! The label is sewn onto the back of the quilt on the right hand side when you face the quilt!
        Make any label any neutral piece of fabric about 7 half inc x 5 half inch write the following info – quilt name and what or for whom you made the quilt with your name and town and state with the date. Eg
        “Mini Friends” a scrap therapy designed, stitched and quilted By NikkiM, Albany, NY
        March 2014
        Hope this helps!

  2. This is such a sweet quilt! As for labels – for my own I get fabric that can be run through a printer. I make up a nice label on my computer and print it out and Ta Da! I then hand sew it onto my quilts. The printer fabric should have instructions. Anyplace like Joann’s or Hancock Fabrics should have the paper, or you could order it online. Hope this helps!

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