Read, Quilt, Knit!

I’m slowly getting back into crafting!  I’m not coping well with this heat in Africa!  I did manage to do a bit of the following!  Read, Quilt, Knit!  All three crafts where inspired by my recent visit to Amsterdam!

I had the privilege of visiting the Anne Frank house and this is the ‘read’ part!  I know you would say this is the kind of book you read as teenager!   Well I didn’t like reading as a teenager!  My first idea was to buy the book as an audio book on my iPad from iStore.  Then I can ‘Read and Quilt’ or’ Read and Knit’.  Nothing wrong with that!  Well sorry for me!  The audiobook supplier with the book, does not trade with South Africa!  Well I was pretty miffed!  The only way I can download it is in book form!  So now I am reading ’ Anne Frank – The Diary of a young girl’ and to my surprise, enjoying every minute of it!

The ‘quilt’ part is inspired by last week’s post, i.e. my purchase at the quilt shop!  I’m dying to make a Dutch inspired quilt!  The problem is, I need to finish my friendship braid quilt!  I m glad to report it is now at the quilting stage!

And now the ‘knit’ part!  One thing I noticed in Europe is people were wearing knitted scarf’s.   Walking around the different cities an idea was taking shape in my head. I decided I’m going to knit a ‘Dr Seuss scarf’, for my next trip to Europe! When I arrived home the first thing I Googled is ‘Dr Seuss scarf knitting patterns’ and came across this ‘Dr Who scarf knitting pattern’.  Gotto have it! I’m now knitting the ‘original’ Doctors Scarf from the BBC series Dr Who.

I’m using a local yarn -, African Expressions – Joy DK a mixture of mohair, wool and acrylic. I changed my colour scheme slightly from the original pattern. Their coIour suggestion is the word, what I used is the number in brackets and the ones with a * my colour is different to the pattern.

Purple (1121), camel *(off white 1001), bronze*(brown 1033), mustard (1097), rust *(red 1120), grey (1062), greenish brown*(blue 1122).  If you decide to knit the scarf, check out the “tips”.

Happy ‘Read, Quilt, Knit’!



28 thoughts on “Read, Quilt, Knit!

  1. Dear Nikki,I love love love to read your posts….the Dr.Who part excited me a lot mainly because my Big man loves the series….so now I know which is his next gift…. 🙂 thanks ❤

  2. Hi Nikki! How have you been? You know I can so vey well connect to this post as I am going through the same kinda phase except that the quilt is taken place by paint for me but I wish you enjoy every bit of read, quilt and knit and do share with all of us here what you create or read! Happy weekend! Love! 🙂

  3. Big J requested a Dr Who scarf the other day…. I might have to try a crochet version. Books are books, not important what age they are for. Diary of Anne Frank is excellent. Not long ago I reread all of the Little House on the Prarie books which I originally read as a kid and still enjoyed every minute. Philip Pullman, J K Rowling, Suzanne Collins… All authors of excellent “teenage” books which are frequently read by adults… and me!

  4. It is nice to have some variety so that you don’t get bored with any one project. Of course it takes longer for any to get finished, but that is okay too. (I’m a process person.) I’m bouncing between quilting and reading too at the moment.

  5. I have only listened to an audio book once, and prefer to read I think…well, I haven’t listened to enough maybe! Glad your reading !! Good for the brain!

  6. Sounds like fun, and I have read Anne Frank with students over and over as an adult and there is always something new and interesting to find in it. I hope you enjoy the read. Also your ideas about knitting is inspiring, I may need to get off the computer and pick up the needles, and finally, I wish I could box up some of your cold and send it your way, and have you return some heat. If only. Take care!!

    • Hi LuCinda
      Thanks for your lovely comment! I’d love to have some of the cold! We don’t really have seasons on this side of the world!

  7. I loved the Anne Frank book as a child – I read lots – and think you’ll find it fascinating. Thanks also for the Dr Who links as my little (30) brother would love one so now I’ll just have to get one done by October! Great post.

  8. I, like you, visited the Anne Frank house, and I bought the book during my visit. It is probably about due for a reread. Thanks for the reminder!
    I love all things Dr Who, and I grew up with the Tom Baker doctor, so the scarf is a winner.

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