Christmas gift plans

Well, Christmas is closer than I hoped it would be! I started making some handmade Christmas gifts! This one may end up being a gift to myself!

I follow this awesome blog by Sandra from “Cherry Heart” and she has a tutorial for the cutest little crocheted hexagon, called “Daisy Puffagon”. The tutorial is excellent, I decided to start crocheted these. I’m hoping to have a lovely crocheted hexagon cushion as a Christmas gift!

I’m using some leftover Rowan, double knit yarn, using a 3.00mm crocheting hook.

Next week I will share with you a tutorial on a quick and easy Christmas gift idea.

How is your handmade Christmas gift plans working out?

Happy Christmas Crafting!


40 thoughts on “Christmas gift plans

  1. I’m so impressed by your crocheting skills…I tried it when I was a lot younger, but mine just ended up looking like knots!

    I’m making my son a huge rag quilt for Christmas, this has been on the go for a year. Each block has an embroidery surrounded by either a log quilted border or a simple border. I’ve just got one more embroidery to do today and then complete the last 6 blocks. Then I have the joy of working out the layout and then stitching 42 blocks that are 12 x 12 inches! The last step for me is to clip all those seams. I’m leaving the washing to our laundry!

  2. Oh this is cool. I once made a small afghan with 1″ blocks and wrote off doing another small block project For Ever (and ever), but I may have to reconsider now.

    • You very brave and I can understand that you never, never again would like to make another afghan with small blocks! That’s why I’m only making a cushion! Thanks for leave a lovely comment.

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