Another one bites the dust!

I am happy to report another “frog” bites the dust!  I finished my “sheep” baby blanket that I posted about on the
March 23, 2013
.  I can’t believe it took me so long to finish!  The years are rolling past!  I started the blanket in 2012!

I was inspired by the little blue farm scene tin I bought on one of my trips to the UK, if I remember correctly, it was at Heathrow airport.

The finished size of the blanket is 36” x 52” (91cm x 132cm).  I had a piece of green Melton big enough for the project.  I roughly drew the 3 sheep and fence post on a piece of paper to scale, and then used this as a pattern template to cut out the items on brown, creamy and black felt.  I used a combination of the following stitches – blanket-, back-, lazy daisy -, French knot -, fly -, stem and satin stitch to complete the embroidery part of the blanket.

When I had finished with all the hand embroidery, I pressed the blanket on the wrong side, laid it flat on a table for it to cool and then squared it off to size.  For the backing I used a piece of cotton fabric that was 7½” (19cm) bigger than the finished blanket.  I basically made a sleeve with mitered corners for the embodied blanket to slip into.  I then slipped the embroided blanket into the sleeve, pinned it down and top stitched the backing down on to the embroided blanket using my sewing machine on  a straight stitch setting.  Pressed it again and presto!  It was done!

Next week I hope to show you my progress on my friendship braid quilt!

Happy crafting.



80 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust!

  1. I love it, I grew up in between hundrets of sheep, we had a farm, my grandfather was a shepherd – sheep farmer. Every easter ( in the 60th) he gave a small lamb to me and my sister, after a couple of weeks they were gone, he always said that the lambs ran into the forest, where they have a better life, I still believe it, but i wonder why our forest is not full of sheep today !!!

  2. I love anything sheep-related, so naturally this picture drew me in! The sheep are adorable and your embroidery exquisite. I’m headed back to read your original post!!!

  3. I love the little black sheep that is looking at the two white ones. Everything is so detailed, especially the flowers on the wooden fence.

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